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Photo; Surfer has hand on blind surfers shoulders as the both are standing a riding the wave

photo: Guide dog checking out a surf board with ocean in the back ground.,

Photo:: Amazing Ride as surfer holds up young child to standing position to experience surfing a wave


Photo; David Kawut head of the surfing and safty on the left. to the right group gathering shot of the long brach life guards.

Come stay overnight at the beach this year A block of rooms has been set aside for our event at the Ocean Place Resort & Spa click here to book a room
Screen Shot 2023-01-24 at 10.06.35 AM.png

About staying at the Beach


The Ocean Place Resort & Spa contact number is 732-571-4000 and is located is right a the beach where we go surfing located at one Ocean Boulevard Long Branch NJ 07740 There is no minimum amount nights to stay. You can stay one night, Friday night, the night before the event to be there early for registration and not travel that day and or stay Saturday night as well and turn the event into a weekend at the beach.


We have a block of 20 rooms this year to see if there is an interest. We also requested rooms with 2 beds if some want to share as this is on the beach in August in the height of the Jersey shore beach season. We were able to secure a discount however, the room cost is 419.00 per night. Guide dogs are welcome!

This offer expires June 18th as the rooms will be released if not booked by then.

David Berman our VIP Superstar Award Winner for 2022 stayed at this hotel last year and loved it. We have him to thank for arranging this opportunity with the hotel.

Thank you David!






This event appears to be about taking someone who is blind surfing. It is not, not that, however, the vision of surfing for vision is so much more.

The blind that participate in our event are the courageous. They are the healed ones. Mentors for the millions as we together through our shared experience send a message worldwide to those that are diagnosed with an incurable eye disease that are in some cases paralyzed by fear if they lose their vision faster than technology can save it that there is an amazing life to be lived beyond ones physical ability to see. 

The Surfer instructors, volunteers and guests are un-blinded as they witness a powerful community of rock stars that are absolutely amazing.


Date: August 19, 2023

Event check-in 7:30 am to 11am 

surfing and Fun 9 am- 3 pm

Location: Long Branch NJ  Beachfront

Google Rooney's restaurant for landmark

*Rain or shine we are coming together


Surfer Registration is open to those who are Visual impaired, blind Legally Blind, and those diagnosed with unstoppable vision loss.

*We have had deaf surfers that also suffer from vision loss. This year the event is open to the deaf community, however, you must have your own SSP on site

$0 registration fee


Please register as a participant, a friend or family guest or a volunteer. You must pre-register prior to the event. A wristband  will be will issued at check in. This which will give you free access to the beach. 

This will be an awesome day that will provide each participant to have a surfing experience. Feel the wind and ocean spray on your face, hear the beach and ocean sounds, taste the salt in the air, and burn in your mind's eye the thrill of riding a surfboard. You will be instructed and have someone with you at all times helping our riders experience the thrill of a lifetime.


All that is needed is you and your bathing suit. Expert surfers, water certified safety people as well as lifeguards will be on hand. Life jackets and surfboards will be provided. registration is limited to 100 surfers so apply today.


Christian surfers will be providing free surfing lessons for family members and guests of the participants and the Long Branch Lifeguard team will be taking all out for wave runner pull rides. This is a great day of fun and inspiration for all.



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