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VEF Disney Sight Visit

Fall 2015

Families with young children losing their vision have lots doctor visits, equipment costs and other of expenses that you may never think of. Just traveling to see specialists and staying overnight really adds up. Increased family deductibles and out of pocket expenses have skyrocketed. We know firsthand that sometimes families in the category earn too much on paper for assistance and, therefore, all their expendable income goes towards care. Families do not always have the resources left over to take their child who is losing their vision to see the most magical place on earth.We want to bless the children and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

A lot of people doing a little can make this happen for children that are going through this challenge in life. 

Meet our Disney VEF Participants

This is Jenna who has been selected to be a participant of Our Disney 2015 Sight Visit.Jenna is 10 years old and lives in Michigan. Jenna has been diagnosed with Stargardts disease and her central vision has been declining as well as her current vision of 20/100. Jenna has also been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis.”If she catches a cold or the flu or something that is no big deal to us it may land Jenna in the hospital.” – Her mom wrote in her referral.


This is Ethan who has been selected to be a participant of Our Disney 2015 Sight Visit. Ethan is 11 years old and lives in Wilmington Delaware. Ethan has been diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) and already has low light and night blindness, with loss of central vision. His prognosis of blindness is strong according to the form we received. Ethan’s older sister has also been diagnosed with RP and this can put a real strain on a family.

No donation is too small


This Disney experience for children facing vision loss is only possible with the help of donations. Join us and be part of impacting their lives. Every dollar will count to help make this experience one that Jenna, Ethan and others will burn in their memories forever.

Please click here or contact for further details about sponsoring or donating corporate services for this sight visit.

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