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What is a Visual Experience?

Visual Experiences are sight visits that incorporate memorable encounters and educational learning, thereby providing a robust experience that will live on in the individual long after they have lost their eyesight. Michael Benson, the founder of Visual Experience Foundation, was born with glaucoma in 1961. For most of his adult life, he has been burning visual experiences in his memory. He records the characteristics of each encounter—the color, texture, brightness, smell, and sound—and has come to call this action his Burn It technique. He founded Visual Experience Foundation in order to share this powerful, affirming process with others who, like Michael, are also living with varying degrees of cascading visual impairment.


Learn about our upcoming NYC Visual Experience Sight Visit with Participant Angela Johnson of West Cornforth England April 2nd – 5th 2015.

See the recent ABC World News coverage of Visual Experience Foundation sight visits.

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