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June 15th-18th Niagara Falls sight visit

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Can you say Niagara Falls !!! This is one of the greatest places on earth to burn all other senses into what you are seeing. The Power and history of the Falls is like no other place to have a Visual Experience.  Just imagine being told you're going blind and there was no cure? This shared experience goes way beyond the sight visit!

 Real impact takes place as we share about the fake confusion and fear of the unknown future. Topics such as alcohol and drug abuse, employment, relationship co-dependency, and many other real concerns about being blind surface during this fellowship.

Below we have pictured two blind mentors who will be on the visit to Niagara sharing their Experience strength and hope of facing the fear of going blind, and how they live an amazing life after blindness today!


David is a 61 year old man who until five years ago was hardly ever sick a day in his life. Out of the blue, he diagnosed with Meningioma and underwent an emergent craniotomy to remove 7  brain tumors, at this time there is no cure for the damage the tumors inflicted upon his optic nerve, thereby leaving him with no sight in one eye and extremely limited vision in the other eye that continues to deteriorate.

Despite his vision loss, and not being able to manage his own law firm, David is a Rock Star. He has taken advantage of the training avaialble and has become self sufficient in technolgy and doing life.  David got back on ski's this year in colorado and took himself to south florida during this past winter to get some sun. David is part of our Have a mentor be a mentor program and currently is mentoring multiple folks.

Larry due to his vision loss is a former certified public accountant whose life got sidetracked by detached retinas. It was a life altering experience which was not easy for him. Larry knows first hand what it is like to feel depressed even questioning living life blind. Larry today is doing life. He likes to say. i'm taking one day at a time and is sober for 12 years. Larry has so much to offer someone just starting this journey.


" I have been adjusting to add God‘s peace. I enjoy meeting up with friends, Going out to eat, listening to music, dancing and sports. The opportunity to go to Niagara Falls is something that I had a chance to do when I was younger did not happen due to my drinking. This is a blessing and a chance to experience something that I thought would never happen again and give back to others at the same time!


Be part of something good!

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