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Guest Registration
Surfing For Vision
Long Branch, New Jersey


Date: August 17th, 2024 

Time: Registration 7:30am -11am 

event 9am to 3pm

Location: Great Lawn Beach, Long Branch, NJ 


Welcome to our guest registration page for the friends and family and supporters of our event.

There is no registration Fee for the event However it does give us an expectation on the amount of volunteers and staff we will need for the event. Registration is open to all that want to attend to be part of this amazing day. Wristbands will be given out for free beach access to a sectioned off beach area for our event.

Although this is a free event, we rely on donations to keep going. If you feel so led please considering supporting Surfing for Vision


Fill in the registration form on the right of this information. You will receive a confirmation and updates regarding the event. 

This will be an awesome day that will provide each participant to have a surfing experience. Feel the wind and ocean spray on your face, hear the beach and ocean sounds, taste the salt in the air and burn in your mind's eye the thrill of riding a surfboard. You will be instructed and have someone with you at all times helping our riders experience the thrill of a lifetime.


All is needed is you and your bathing suit. Expert surfers, water certified safety people as well as lifeguards will be on hand. Life jackets and surfboards will be provided. registration is limited to 100 surfers so apply today.


There will be surfing lessons and wave runner rides for family members. 


Visual Experience Foundation provides memorable sight visits for those losing vision. We pray for advances in technology to save and restore vision, however, if  vision is lost faster than technology can save ones vision, ] we want all to know… There is life after blindness!!!

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