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"Change your words, transform your life!"

"It is really amazing having multiple hats how my mind set becomes so tuned in to the hat i am wearing that day."

Michael Benson

Founder of Love Vision Inc.

Get your custom transformational cap as a gift for supporting the mission.

What if I told you that you would become transformed to be what the cap says when you place the hat on your head. I want to use the word magical, but for me it is spiritual.


Being told I was going blind, I found that changing my words that came out of my mouth would change my mind set.  If I felt depressed and trained myself to counter my emotions by speaking against them with my words. So I would say out loud, I am grateful, I am blessed, I am loved. After a while I would realize that my whole body posture would shift.  


I challenge you to physically do a karate type move a dozen times while saying your positive affirmation that you have selected for your transformational cap prior to placing the cap upon you head


What your going to find is regardless of your choice such as,

I am fearless

I am powerful

I am dedicated

I am unleashed

I am loved

I am forgiven

I am  grateful


You will feel deep in your soul that you are fearless, grateful or whatever your choice of affirmation word is.. Again I want to say it is magical, but it is not, you are calling it up, claiming what is already inside you.  Your cap is not only impacting you but everyone who sees the message. The donation that gets you this gift is earmarked tfor the Love vision have a mentor be a mentor program focused on lifting the lives of those diagnosied with unstoppable vision loss. Step one is to scholarship selected individuals to the tiony robbins Date with Destiney program prior to mentorship.

Why Tony Robbins Date with Destiny?

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