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NYC Sight Visit - April 2nd-5th 2015

We are flying in our next Sight Visit Participant Angela Johnson of West Cornforth England to Experience NYC on April 2, 2015



Angela , 35 year old wife and mother of 2 was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa ( RP) in March 2014. Angela’s vision is quickly deteriorating she now only has 15% of her vision left. Because of this extreme rapid deterioration one of her bucket list places to see while she’s still sighted is NYC.

This Sight Visit will feature a helicopter aerial tour of Manhattan donated and provided by NY On Air, A water view of Manhattan and various memorable activities throughout the city such as a ride through central park, music event, theatre production, great dining & more.

No donation is too small


Make a donation today and support Angela’s Sight Visit!

No donation is too small. Every dollar will count to help make this experience one that Angela will burn in her memory forever.

Please contact for further details about sponsoring or donating services for this sight visit.

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