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Our partnership with the Life boat of New Jersey, Captain Brian and first mate Colleen has created a Life after blindness event that we can do all summer. Sailing the Barnegat Bay on the beautiful 50 foot Sail boat "The Spray".

The Life Boat of New Jersey is a firm that promotes fun and life after addiction. Friends since childhood Capt Brian and VEF Founder Michael embraced the connection and our Life After blindness program added this great venue. Not only do we enjoy the sounds, the spray, the smells, the wind, Captain Brian gives our recipients an opportunity to drive the boat. Based on the wind clapping on the sails you are directed which way to turn into the wind to keep us on course. A highlight during the adventure is our dingy trip to knee deep water where we teach those aboard what it feels like to find a clam with your feet and how to march slowly in place moving slowly forward until you feel a clam to be reach down and snatched up for the catch. We find dozens of clams fresh to cook on the boat as we snack on the way home. This is a full day from mid morning to sun down and a awesome day for all. VEF has limited spots threw out the summer and does not charge. Email us with the word sailing in the subject line and we will add you to our call list. Typically there is a three days heads up, based on weather, and boat availability. Our plans are to run one trip June, July, August, September.

 You can call Life Boat of New Jersey directly to book your own  group adventure for a discount rate if you are blind or taking the blind in your group. Just click their logo on this page and check them out. 

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