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Meet our 2017 Niagara Falls sight visit recipients

May 30th -June 2nd 2017

Jennifer Henderson 40 years old, Her mom blind from RP, (Retinitis Pigmatosa) Her son in the early stages of RP and Jennifer herself diagnosed with RP, trying to take care of everyone, has vision now in one eye that can still see, and that eye is slowly moving towards darkness. From a little town in Georgia, a singer, Jennifer has never traveled on her own and is going to overcome that fear to come see Niagara Falls.Linda Melendez through Macular/myoptic degeneration and detached retina is now considered legally blind. Linda is still is able to read 28 point print held close to her face. Linda, was very depressed and felt like her life was over and used food to cope. In the last two years Linda has run two half marathons, lost one hundred pounds and is an inspiration that refuses to let going blind ruin her life. I heard Linda give her testimonial at a Nation Federation for the Blind convention. She is from NJ and has signed up to go surfing with us this summer. She feels like she just won the lottery to be able to be part of this Niagara experience.

Jennifer Henderson

Linda Melendez

Events such as this can done happen with out all of our supporters. Thank you to all our bowlers who supported bowing for vision. Below are Golden sponsors who are making this event happen!

Niagara State Parks has opened their arms to VEF to  with full access passes to the park that include the Maid of the midst ride into the falls, Caves of the Winds, the trolley and more. We are excited to have this relationship to share one of the most powerful places to burn a visual memory.

Thank you Niagara Falls State Park.


Oh this is the guy! Owner operator Gaelan Ballie. 

His walking tour of the back side of the Falls on the USA side is something everyone visiting the Falls should do! His knowledge and history brings you to hidden little spots where most tourist drive right by.  The views and closeness to the power of the Falls is spectacular. Gaelan owns bike rentals in Niagara and and Buffalo. Having him do a walking tour for us or you is really special. bike rental. 716-345-5446

If you would like to volunteer for VEF events like this event and want to get involved in helping VEF contact us.

We recommend that you find a Lions club in your area and check it out. The Lions are a set up strictly to help others. We can help you find a great club so you can be involved in your home town area. The Neptune Lions club in New Jersey is our home base club. They supported this event and are all individuals that want to live a purpose driven life, give back and help others. Is that you?

 We are blessed that Rainbow Air has adopted us to share the most amazing sights of the Falls from the air. Our goal as an organization is to burn images that will last a life time. Between the walking tour, the Maid of the midst and park attractions and Rainbows ariel views we have the perfect Sight Visit. Thank you Rainbow Air Inc.

What can we say about the Hard Rock Cafe? There food is great, It is a fun place? Well most know that. What VEF knows is how hard it is to get sponsors for events. The Hard Rock Cafe organization has been an organization that has supported us multiple times in multiple locations. Their giving nature comes from the top and is spread through the organization down to the smile you get by your server.

Thank you once again Hard rock Cafe. You rock! 

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