Have A Mentor - Be A Mentor

Have a Mentor

Regardless of what stage you are in with your eye disease there are those that have gone before you. A few identification conversations and a voice of another who really gets it because they are you, sharing what to expect, resources that are available with maybe a “ask for this person she helped me” or questions that are not medical to someone who answers from their heart because they went or are also going through it.

Be a Mentor

Then there is you. You may be surprised that the things that you are feeling and going through and how you are coping with your personal situation is experience strength and hope that another can benefit from. Turning your lemons into lemonade and helping others is amazingly empowering. Giving back during your own journey is life changing and is the difference between being victorious in your life instead of depressed and a victim.

The Visual Experience Foundation Have a mentor – Be a mentor program is a fellowship of those going through this challenge of losing their vision and together we can live in the power and not in the fear.

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