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Have A Mentor - Be A Mentor

Have a Mentor

Regardless of what stage you are in with your eye disease there are those that have gone before you. If you think you can handle it all one your own that's great, just know we are here to help.  We know first hand that facing vision loss effects every area of your life. Some of our mentors are blind and living a life with no limits. Other mentors are not visually impaired at all but have experience in mind set coaching using a formula that can help you with all that you go through during this journey. We know the fear, anxiety of losing ones vision and all that comes with it. VEF's goal is to make sure you are connected. We is a powerful word and you are not alone. 

Be a Mentor

There are many levels of mentorship. Yes coaches, and medical professionals may be some of our volunteers however we come from the school of one hand up and one hand down and everyone should have a mentor and be a mentor. You may be surprised that the things that you are currently and have gone through allows you to be uniquely qualified to share your experience, strength and hope to another. Lifting the lives of another will magically fill you up to move forward in your own life. 

"The Visual Experience Foundation "Have a mentor –Be a mentor" program is a fellowship of those going through this challenge of losing their vision. as well as sighted heroes who want top mentor the blind who have the skill sets to help individuals to go to the next level in their lives regardless of their sight. Together we can live in the Power and not in the fear."

Fill out the form below and you will be contacted for a 30 minute interview and guidelines meeting.

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