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 Visual Experiences
Have a Mentor Be a Mentor
Work opportunities for the Visually impaired

Check out our a news reel video  after one yearfrom 9 years ago sharing the impact from the beginning  of our effort as we launched our  visual experience division to bring awareness

We Love Vision and our mission is a Love Vision that
Provides Experience, Strength and Hope

The Love vision Visual Experience Foundation is a faith based organization that recognizes the personal struggle with powerlessness associated with being diagnosed  with an eye disease that currently is considered unstoppable and does not offer a cure.  Our founders personal journey being diagnosed with Glaucoma at birth in 1961 knows first hand the seldom discussed effects this fear of being blind one day can drive decisions that may a negative impact on ones life.  


At first glance VEF is an amazing visual opportunity to save memories taking those who are losing their sight to have a visual “Burn It” experience that will last beyond physical sight, However VEF is so much more. During the “sight visits” there is fellowship and identification that takes place that only someone going through this particular challenge in life can identify with. Learning to live in the day and not in a made up future in our minds that always has the worse outcome. Our goal is to never miss whats right in front of us worrying about tomorrow. Our focus is to lift and impact lives while teaching as many as possible that they can live in the power and not in the fear regardless of circumstances.


Introducing our new division and work opportunity

"Being born with Glaucoma I had alot of challenges growing up dealing with what I could or could not do as a career.  I have one regret that has always lingered. This was the fact that i could not serve our country in the military.  Cyber Umbrella gives myself and others that are visually impaired the opportunity to work in a field that is focused on protecting America. I believe that we are in the age of Cyber warfare and regardless of our vision we can participate in helping getting businesses tested and secure."
Michael Benson, Founder Love Vision Inc.

Sight Visits

We take those diagnosed with unstoppable vision loss on a life impacting bucket list visual wish destinations to burn visual memories that will last beyond physical sight. These events provide our mission in action to teach the "burn it" technique. Fellowship at our events address the real issues that are the on the minds of every person facing going blind. Sharing personal testimonials with a focus on living in the day, never missing a sighted day paralyzed by fear living in a made up future, which seems to always paint a negative outcome in our minds.

Life After Blindness events

Our events for the blind are geared towards to impacting both the blind participants who break through personal fears and raise expectations while bringing awareness to those who are in the hallway of being diagnosed with a unstoppable eyes disease. The blind become the mentors for those going through vision loss. surfing, sailing, clamming, skydiving, and more life after blindness events are being added each year as we grow.

Raising & Believing in advanced technology and cures are coming!

Our prayer is for cures for those that want to be cured. VEF wants all to know that if vision is lost faster than technology can save ones vision that their is life after blindness and that you can live the life you want. We understand that some would not change the fact that they are blind because they are whole people just they why they are. With that being said technology is increasing faster than ever and 
VEF has joined the team to participate in helping fund  technology that can aid in you seeing today as well as research for cures.

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Register for our 8th Annual Surfing for Vision  is on!
Great Lawn Beach, Long Branch NJ Saturday, August 19th 2023


The mission of this event is to bless those losing and those without sight with a day of vision beyond physical sight. Surfing for Vision is a day filled with excitement, the sound of the waves crashing, the smell and spray of the ocean, the  thrill of the surf board taking off, as these courageous participants become mentors for those that feel like their life is over. The courage of the visual impaired  surfers delivers a powerful message to all those who have been diagnosed with diseases that are still living in the paralyzing fear and anxiety about their future that can grip someone diagnosed with an eye disease that currently has no cure available. Visual Experience Foundation share experience strength and hope at all of our events. Everyone involved has a takeaway. Thank you to all who make a day like this possible. 

Special Thanks to the City of Long Branch for partnering with us each year to make this happen

Become a 2023 Surfing for Vision Sponsors 
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VEF has always been about "Burning it"

Gavin, stops closes his eyes and takes in all his senses around him

Gavin opened his eyes and is "burning it" Little Italy NYC

This is 12 year old Gavin Morrobell Burning it in NYC. Gavin was born deaf and is losing his vision. He and his 15 year old brother Ethan have both been diagnosed with Ushers Syndrome. June 2nd 2017 both boys were the recipients of a VEF Sight visit for the day in NYC.  We are sharing and highlighting the two photo's to the left as this moment Gavin took to stop and practice what we discussed earlier is the cornerstone of the Visual Experience Foundation. Teaching the  "Burn it" Technique that was secretly being done by our founder since he was a child.


Teaching others to "burn it" and sharing about living in the moment, (a sighted moment) instead of a made up future in our minds that wants to steal today. Everyone with a diagnosis that is going to impact your life, add the fact that currently there is no cure. This is the real work VEF speaks into the live of other about.  Preparing ourselves to not let this define who we are and what we can accomplish in our lives! This is the calling that everything else that VEF does has been built around. "Get alone, close you eyes and don't speak for two minutes, Michael shared with the boys, focus on what you smell, what your are hearing, which way is the wind hitting you. What is the temperature ? Is the sun warm on what part of your body? Then open your eyes and whisper the words "burn it". Do not speak, focus on marrying all your heightened senses as you scan in great detail the vision before you. perhaps a women laughs as a horn honks at the same time a powerful wind gust hits and a man in a blue coat walks past holding a newspaper, maybe you smell hotdogs from a vendor.  The trans will end on it's own. That's how it works.  Before bed close your eyes and feel the vision, run it through your mind in every detail. Do it again in the morning.  I can go so many places in such detail now and if one day i lose my sight, I always have my vision. Try it today."  A few hours later as we are walking into little Italy Gavin stops and closes his eyes and begins to burn it. These are the photo's from that moment. He got it! This is perhaps for all of us not just those losing vision.

Technology is moving fast and cochlear implants has allowed both boys  to hear. They listened to the big bus tour and had smiles on their faces. Currently their is not a cure for the vision loss. VEF is believing  that in this lifetime we will see cures for blindness.  VEF is joining the team to raise funds for that research.

 Below are more photo's of Ethan and Gavin having a blast in NYC.                                                                                              Special thanks to BIg Bus Tours, Hard Rock Cafe NYC, and the Neptune Lions for helping make this day possible.

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