COVID-19 Safety Policy

1. All participants, volunteers, surfers, and guests will have to submit to a temperature scan. Temperatures over 100.3 will not be able to proceed to check-in and will not be able to have access to the Surfing for Vision Beach area

2. During temperature scan, check-in for the event, and during the event, your party must social distance 6 feet from other guests. this includes setting up a beach chair location.

3. Prior to beach access, a mask must be worn. The state is not mandating masks on the beach this is optional

4. All participants, volunteers, surfers, and guests will be required to fill out a release prior to a temperature scan. This release will include a signature stating that you currently are not experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and to your knowledge are not test positive for COVID-19. If at any time you were positive for COVID-19 in the past you must have been confirmed negative by being re-tested

5. All participants, volunteers, surfers, and guests will need to provide their own lunches this year.

6. Temperature checks will be given from 7:30am -9:00 am

Visual Experience Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing memorable Sight Visits and support to children and adults who have been diagnosed with unstoppable vision loss.

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