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“B-Causes is a platform that has been built to share all of these methods and provide all the assets and instructions on how to do it with no upfront fees to get started.”


B-Causes has been developed from real strategies that were developed by the Visual Experience Foundation a 501(c)(3) purpose driven mission based cause that entered into the non profit arena in 2014 to impact the lives of those diagnosed with incurable eye disease. 


Visual Experience Foundation received tremendous news coverage by multiple networks covering the impact of the work, including ABC World News, which was viewed by over 10 million people. So excited knowing we were just filmed in the Grand Canyon giving a young man and his guide dog a visual wish before he goes totally blind. Our hope was that so many would engage after this aired and we would be able to help so many more and zero donations came in. Reality set in.

 Up to this point we had separated our 30 years business experience with our desire to give back and spend our life helping others. We started focusing on what everyone else was doing and engaged with the industry of non for profit.  We quickly found ourselves competing in a real business for our same friends and grants. Our exposure didn’t raise funds, however it did bring more awareness and it validated the need for our purpose and organization was great.


Born in 1961 Michael was the youngest baby in the world to have Glaucoma surgery he was just a few days old

ABC World News shares the story of Michael teaching another losing vision the "Burn it" technique he developed growing up faced with the possibility of blindness. 

We began combining our 30 years of marketing and business development experience utilizing sales strategies that included driving business traffic on and offline, barter and trade, in-kind donation sponsorships, we began marketing beyond our reach liquidating donated goods and services looking at return on investment.  We soon realized there are over 1.5 million causes out there in just America and most of them were just like us,  There is so much work behind the scenes that no one really sees and expenses you never thought about down to the ink for the printer. The struggles for causes who rely on grants and the worry funds are being cut or organizations where all the money goes to the work and the founders are trying to hold down a full time job and run a cause that is truly making a difference in the lives of others. You can't stop it's in your DNA. You are us and we are you and we want to help.

Still with sight and grateful for his vision Michael continues to share with organizations

So the vision to help others has gotten bigger.


"Take these lessons and strategies, build a platform and create the online assets that can be used by as many causes who want to engage. Build it that everyone can eventually feed each other instead of competing for the same friends. Help as many as you can. Give more then most. Be better then the Amazon Smile programs that everyone joins. Give the data created to the causes for free, and don’t hand cuff the causes to charge them later.  Help the causes build their reach beyond their own capabilities. Keep your thought process pointed towards being other centered instead of self centered and be true to your slogan." was the answer to a simple prayer how can I do more.

Working Together For Good. This is the mission of B-causes.

I hope after you evaluate and understand our programs that you engage with B-Causes and we can be a part  of helping your organization impact the lives of those you started your program to reach.


Michael Benson 

Founder & Visionary 

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